Yemeni Girl Who Would Rather Die Than Be Forced Into Marriage


11 year old Yemeni girl would rather die than be forced into marriage.

Worth the watch if not only to see how we often take implicit things for granted.

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Information Economy and Its Dangers


Just thought it was an interesting read on how the problem of a tomorrow was being brought up in this article. After reading it I recognized there is an issue but am conflicted about how to go about it or how I feel about it.

Basically it talks about how the rise of the information economy is filtering out jobs and eliminating different job markets for the middle class and replacing it with an elitist level of automation.

A healthy middle class has always been an necessary part of every modern country’s economy, will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month


I had no idea that April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month until I googled it in response to all the sexual assault stories I’ve heard in the news lately.

I’ve been following and signing petitions online to bring the harshest degree of punishment and backlash against sexual offenders but to me there is not nearly enough that is being done to address such a sensitive and terrible subject.

I almost believe that the cruel and unusual punishment clause should be waived to the worst of sex offenders. It makes me feel shameful to be a guy thinking that we are capable of such deeds. (and less as likely but true, females are capable of such deeds too)

I want a world where all female friends and family members do not have to worry about what the next guy can do to them, and to create something as close to that as possible not only do you have to implement personal responsibilities but also change the culture that is around how rape and sexual assault is viewed.

You catch a guy trying to rape a girl and beat him to death and it’s okay, but you catch him after the fact and he’s pretty much off the hook because it’s so hard to prove what he did wasn’t consensual and most times the victims find it extremely hard to bring it up with the right authorities and in finding help.

Personally, in my own opinion people who are capable of sexual assault deserve the worst type of punishment, there is just no room for it anywhere, ever, period.

Some tragic stories that make you want to demand justice. (or in my world, shatter some teeth and kick in some heads, it’s really ridiculous that cultures all around try to cover up things like this)

Way too often, way too common, way too under reported.

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Please Help a Mother Who Just Lost Her Two Kids

Dan Hotsenpiller: Drop Charges Against Jamie Dowling

On March 9, young mom Jamie Dowling was driving her two small kids, Landyn and Raylee, on a snowy stretch of Colorado highway. Jamie was driving slowly, and her kids were safely buckled in, but the roads were bad. Jamie hit a patch of ice, her car careened into another lane, and she was hit by oncoming traffic. Jamie was a nurse, and she tried to save her kids’ lives, but she couldn’t. Landyn and Raylee both died that day.

Now the local District Attorney is charging Jamie with two counts of “careless driving resulting in death,” threatening to send a grieving mom to jail.

My parents live right near the spot of the crash — so close that they heard the accident happen. In fact, my stepdad was the first person on the scene, 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. When he got there, he said Jamie was trying to revive her son, who was already dead. My stepdad had to pry Landyn out of Jamie’s arms just to get Jamie out of the car.

Jamie Dowling has already been through a horrible, unimaginable ordeal in losing her children in a car accident. I started a petition on asking District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller to drop his charges against Jamie. Will you click here to sign?

Jamie still struggles everyday to move forward from the death of her children. Landyn was 5, he loved cows and horses. Raylee was just 2, her favorite color was pink, and she thought everything should have sparkles. Jamie had moved her family from Texas to Colorado just a week before the accident, and the whole family was excited for a new start.

My parents were there for the worst moment of Jamie’s life, watching her struggle to save her children even though they were already gone. We don’t understand why the DA is insisting on dragging out Jamie’s nightmare; it doesn’t make any sense to us. But we were there for Jamie that day, and we’re going to keep standing with her now.

I know other petitions on have prompted District Attorneys to drop unfair charges before — I hope that if thousands of people sign my petition, DA Hotsenpiller will end his senseless prosecution of Jamie Dowling.

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Eradicating the HIV Epidemic – Source

In areas of the world with the highest prevalence of the HIV virus among its population, a push is being made to eliminate HIV altogether.

Because of proactive NGOs like Mothers2Mothers, there is a significant drop of children being born with HIV positive results in afflicted areas like Swaziland.

“When I found out my baby was negative, I was so very happy!” says Mcebo. “I jumped. I sang. I kissed my baby, and I kissed my wife.”

“Our culture doesn’t allow men to hold babies,” she explains. “A lot of men don’t want to come for testing because they don’t want to be known that they are HIV-positive.”

This was not the case for Mcebo, who accompanied Khanyisile on her second clinic visit to be tested for HIV. Like Khanyisile, he is on antiretroviral therapy.

The UN’s goal is to eliminate new HIV infections in Swaziland by 2015.

AIDS and HIV has almost become a synonymous term for parts of Africa but things are slowly and surely changing. While most of the world sits by, things have always been changing due to the devoted diligence of the people who push these causes to care for their global neighbors.

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Self Euthanization

Lee Geum-sook, a volunteer for elderly people, right, tries to comfort Yoon Jeom-do, an 89-year-old elderly woman who lives alone in an apartment in Nowon district in Seoul, as she sheds tears, South Korea, Oct, 18, 2012.

In Vietnamese culture as well as many other Asian cultures kids are taught to take care of their elderly and look out for them. 43 suicides a day is too much. Not only is the rising population ages of rich countries becoming a problem, it is being compounded day by day by a lack of infrastructure to support such increasing demands. There is an increasing need to find a solution for the elderly as the average life expectancy approaches 100 years old. Both my cousin and I have expressed that when we can no longer take care of ourselves that we would simply choose to disappear on our own, but that is a harsh choice to make that you do not wish for anyone else, especially those leaving family members behind. It is partly a reason why Europe sank into a deep economic crisis as well as why Japan and the US will face population crises in the years to come.

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Malala – She Is Fighting For Girls’ Rights To Education And Was Shot In The Head For It


“Where in the Quran does it say that girls should not be educated?” she asked last year. “I have the right to play. I have the right to sing. I have the right to go to market. I have the right to speak up.”

We in the US take free speech and a universal education for granted.

It has been becoming a global movement for women’s education. In every society I’ve ever studied or observed, educating the populace- regardless of their gender, has been a step towards moving the world forward.

I’ve been to Afghanistan, it’s a beautiful country mired in the unfortunate circumstances of its situation, its people are hard working and striving for better lives. One can only hope that gems like Malala stand up for the things people often overlook due to fear.

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